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Fowler and Hoyle examine preprint of Big-Bang nucleosynthesis paper, Clayton and Wagoner stand. In Fowler's office in Kellogg Radiation Laboratory at Caltech. The famous collaboration between Fowler and Hoyle was then at its zenith. Wagoner was Resarch Associate at Caltech and Clayton was visiting faculty (on leave from Rice University during academic year 1966-67). All four were preparing to move in April 1967 to Cambridge UK for the opening of Hoyle's new Institute for Theoretical Astronomy. WFH were preparing to submit their paper on Big-Bang nucleosynthesis and Fowler and Clayton had just submitted their first paper on silicon burning (Phys. Rev. Letters, 20, 161 (1968)), opening the door to the origin of iron as a daughter of radioactive 56Ni. The full history of the discovery that natural iron is the radiogenic daughter of supernova produced 56Ni and 57Ni has been published in Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 34, A145 (1999).

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