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Donald Clayton and William A. Fowler in May 1967 at the hut amid the field of sheep that was their first office (shared with Bob Wagoner) in 1967 until Hoyle's Institute of Theoretical Astronomy building could be completed. Fowler was 55 years old; Clayton was 32. This hut was on the grounds of the Observatories, Cambridge, in the front field adjacent Madingley Road. During this summer Clayton and Fowler worked on the text of their paper "Nuclear Quasiequilibrium During Silicon Burning", ApJ Suppl. 16, 299 (1968). The calculations and theory had been completed at Kellogg Lab during spring of 1967; but the paper was not submitted until Feb. 1968. Clayton and Fowler enthusiastically listed their addresses as Institute of Theoretical Astronomy, Cambridge, England, although its building was not yet completed. For a photo of Fowler and Clayton on this hut's other side 14 years later, with Arnett and Woosley, see 1981 listings.

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