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Fred Hoyle and Donald Clayton on top of Ben Loyal, a 2500 ft mountain in the north of Scotland in June 1968. This was the second of many trips to the Scottish Highlands by Fred Hoyle with the IOTA visitors inclined to climb. Hoyle certainly was, and climbed all (about 290) of the 3000ft + peaks ("Munros") of Scotland. A very significant discussion by Fowler, Hoyle and Clayton on this climb concerned whether Hoyle's original e-process origin of iron was correct or if the explosive ejection of radioactive nickel was instead its source. Both Fowler and Hoyle agreed that the latter was probably correct and Fowler retracted their earlier picture and its relevance for neutrino-cooling timescales in the paper Bodansky, Clayton and Fowler (ApJ Suppl. 16, 299 (1968); see esp. p. 368, 2nd paragraph). Clayton's idea with Colgate and Fishman to test this with gamma-line astronomy of young supernova remnants (ApJ, 155, 75 (1969) was enthusiastically embraced by all three on this very climb. The Kyle of Tongue can be seen in the background. By coincidence Clayton's future wife Nancy had lived in that town of Tongue at about this very time. W. A. Fowler snapped this photo with Clayton's camera.

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