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IOTA Staff and Visitors in summer 1970. Noteworthy among astronomers are, from front row left: Hawking, Trimble, Rees, Woltjer, Hoyle and Narlikar. Noteworthy for nuclear astrophysics per se are Hoyle (1,5), Clayton (1,7, with the cricket ball), Fowler (1,9, having taken the bat from Burbidge), Burbidge (1,10), Steigman (1,11), Audouze (2,3), Petrosian (2,4), Michel (2,8), Paczynski (3,7), Salpeter (4,6), Eggleton (4,8). The IOTA computer building is the backdrop, which housed the institutes IBM 360-44. This photograph has been published in Hoyle's autobiography, HOME IS WHERE THE WIND BLOWS, page P-19 just before p. 211 (University Science Books 1994). Hoyle's caption speaks strongly to his evaluation of the science leaders shown.

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