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Explosive Nucleosynthesis Conference in Austin, April 2-3, 1973. W.D. Arnett (2nd from right) had moved from Rice University to join the Texas Astronomy Department and promoted this conference, along with UT co-hosts David Schramm (front left end), who had joined Arnett at Texas, and Craig Wheeler (front center). This continuation of the Rice University theme of explosive-nucleosynthesis studies, had a strong Rice flavor, featuring not only Arnett but also Donald Clayton (3rd from right), Kem Hainebach (front row 5th from right), Raymond Talbot (3rd from left front), Mike Howard (2nd from left), Stan Woosley (2nd row two left of Clayton), Mike Newman (2nd row middle, left of Wheeler), James Peters (2nd row left of Newman), F. C. Michel (3rd row above Talbot). Howard, Hainebach, Newman and Woosley were all PhD students of Clayton. Among the very many other nuclear astrophysics notables are Phil Seeger (front left of Clayton; first r process calculations in Seeger, Fowler and Clayton 1965 ApJ), Icko Iben (front right end), Beatrice Tinsley (2nd row 2nd), David Bodansky (3rd row middle), Ian Strong (discoverer of gamma ray bursts, 2nd row left of Clayton), Roger Ulrich (3rd row left of Clayton), Tom Weaver (last row, left of Woosley), W.A. Fowler (last row center), and last row peering over left of center, C. A. Barnes and A.G.W. Cameron. Proceedings of this very influential conference were published by U. of Texas Press (Explosive Nucleosynthesis, eds. D. N. Schramm and W. D. Arnett, 1973).

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