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Robert C. Haymes and Donald D. Clayton with Haymes' gondola for his balloon-borne gamma ray telescope at Rice University in 1973. Haymes pioneered gamma-ray astronomy in the MeV region and Clayton developed gamma-ray-line targets for this goal and for nucleosynthesis. This program at Rice University trained two Principal Investigators and two Project Scientists for later experiments on NASA's Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. Principal Investigators on Compton are James Kurfess (OSSE), who was a postdoc at Rice, and G. J. Fishman (BATSE), who earned a PhD in this group and who also coauthored the work on gamma-ray lines from young supernovae (ApJ 155, 75 (1969) with Clayton and Colgate). Project Scientists on Compton are W. Neil Johnson (OSSE), who earned a PhD in this research group as codiscoverer of the 511 keV annihilation line from the galactic center, and C. A. Meegan (BATSE), who was a postdoc in this group.

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