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Stirling Colgate and Donald Clayton on May 5, 1974, on the campus of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (of which Colgate was the president, though he seldom looked like university presidents customarily look). They discussed Colgate's supernova search project at the Langmuir Atmospheric Laboratory on Mt. Baldy, which they visited, and also the prospects for detecting radioactivity outside young supernovae. Their famous paper (with G. J. Fishman), "Gamma ray lines from young supernovae" (ApJ 155, 75 (1969)), provided an exciting target for gamma-ray line astronomy to instrument teams, and was ultimately confirmed in supernova 1987A and elsewhere after the launch in 1991 of NASA's Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, which became the centerpiece of the Clemson University research. For an earlier photo of Colgate and Clayton see the 1967 IOTA Staff photo.

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