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Fred Hoyle sits with Donald Clayton in Hoyle's study in his 200-yr old farmhouse on Cockley Moor above Lake Ullswater. Two main items were under discussion, in addition to the hiking, the dining and the friendship. These were further research on novae following the publication in February 1974 of their paper on gamma-ray lines from novae (ApJ 187, L101 (1974)) and the submission in January 1974 of their paper "Nucleosynthesis in white-dwarf atmospheres" (ApJ 191, 705 (1974)). After Hoyle's resignation of the Plumian professorship in Cambridge in 1972, he purchased this historic farmhouse at 1400 feet on the northern slopes of Helvellyn, where they descend into Dockray on Ullswater. Hoyle was 59 years old; Clayton 39 years old.

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