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Donald Clayton with William A. Fowler in Fowler's Pasadena home on San Pasqual Street on February 2, 1975. Clayton had presented the invited talk "Extinct radioactivities: trapped residuals of presolar grains?" on the preceeding day at the Anaheim Meeting of the American Physical Society (B.A.P.S. 20, 79 (1975)). At Fowler's home they discussed ways to blunt the criticisms from meteoriticists that prevented this paper from being accepted By SCIENCE in 1974 (but which was then published in ApJ 199, 765 (1975)). Fowler remained hopeful for this new theory of overabundant daughter nuclei in presolar grains, but did not live long enough to see its unequivocal acceptance within SiC and graphite grains from supernovae. In his Nobel prize speech Fowler "reluctantly" abandoned this theory insofar as the evidence yet discovered (in 1983) was concerned, but was extremely happy when the first discoveries of its truth (for 26Al and 44Ti) preceeded his death in 1995.

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