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Fred Hoyle, center, with wife Barbara and daughter Elizabeth and the organizing committee for the conference "Frontiers of Astronomy in 1975", which was organized in honor of Hoyle on his 60th birthday. Pictured with the Hoyles are Geoffrey and Margaret Burbidge (front left), Donald Clayton and Martin Rees (rear left) and Willy Fowler (front right). The site was the beautiful monastery on the Isola St. Giorgio (St. George Island), which is immediately in front of the Palazzo Ducale and the Piazza San Marco in Venice. The title of this conference borrowed from Hoyle's very influential 1955 book FRONTIERS OF ASTRONOMY (Harper and Brothers). Following on the heels of a golden era for nucleosynthesis, the program in 1975 still had a largely nucleosynthesis flavor, with talks on that topic by (in sequence given) Truran, Arnett, Fowler, Barnes, Pagel, Woosley, M. Burbidge, M. Shapiro, Wickramasinghe, Schramm, Clayton. Hoyle's closing talk was, predictably, "The Outlook for the Future". For a report by John Faulkner see Nature 256, 535 (1975). July 15-19, 1975, Venice.

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