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David N. Schramm delivering his lecture "26Al" after the 11:00 am coffee break on the second morning (Aug. 11, 1976) at Gregynog for the 1976 Workshop on Isotopic Anomalies, which was organized by D. Clayton. See 1976 Gregynog Group for more details of this historic workshop. Schramm had attempted an experimental detection of excess 26Al within meteorites while a graduate student working with G. J. Wasserburg at Caltech. But the first detection was made later in Australia in 1976, the year of Gregynog workshop. D. Clayton's prediction of 26Al in presolar grains, which became a diagnostic for supernova grains,occurred in 1975 (Nature 257, 36); and the first astronomical detection of the 1.809 MeV gamma ray did not occur until 1982. That would later become a mapping by Compton Gamma Ray Observatory.

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