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Donald Clayton on Jan. 12, 1977, in Kirsten's office at Max Planck Institute for Kernphysik. The wall photograph is of Josef Zaehringer, director of the Institute program in meteoritics and lunar studies until his sudden death in an auto accident. This room was named in his honor. This was the same day as the companion photo of the first GALLEX team meeting (this site). Clayton was beginning a period of seven years of sharing of Kirsten's office ; but he later withdrew from GALLEX team membership owing to his committments to Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. See later photos of Kirsten and Clayton in this Zaehringer Zimmer in 1981, but within which the wall photograph of Zaehringer has moved from this wall (behind Clayton's desk) to the opposite wall (behind Kirsten's). This time began the Alexander von Humboldt Senior Scientist Award for Clayton. Clayton was 41 years old.

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