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Donald Clayton on Sept. 1, 1981, in his Heidelberg office (The Zaehringer Zimmer in Max Planck Inst. f. Kernphysik, office of Till Kirsten). On display is his new s process sigma*N curve and the r process abundances constructed with Karlsruhe colleagues. Their major revaluation of the s process (Kaeppeler, Beer, Clayton et al. ApJ 257, 821 (1982)) was the result of the new program of cross section measurements begun at Karlsruhe Kernforschungszentrum. Clayton made several visits to Karlsruhe to help initiate that program. Visible on Clayton's desk are that sigma*N curve (his finger on barium!, also top of three figures at his right hand). Clayton here works on the decompositon into s and r abundances, a decomposition he pioneered in 1961 (Ann. Phys. 16, 51) with Fowler and improved with Seeger and Fowler in 1965 (ApJ Suppl 11, 121). The new evaluation with Karlsruhe offered many improvements. Other coauthors of that ApJ landmark paper for the s process, Dick Macklin and Richard Ward, visited Heidelberg for this same effort in May 1980. During 1980 Clayton had been on sabbatical leave from Rice University as Fulbright Fellow at Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg, where this photo was taken and where much work on that s process project was done. For seven years (1977-84) Clayton's desk abutted that of Till Kirsten, who can be seen at the facing desk on this same date in this archive.

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