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William Fowler and Donald Clayton stand before the hut in Cambridge that served as the first office shared by Fowler and Clayton in 1967 at Hoyle's Institute of Theoretical Astronomy in Cambridge. The occasion for this reunion was the Conference on Supernovae at the (renamed) Instutute of Astronomy, Cambridge, during July 1981. Clayton's invited talk "Supernovae and the Origin of the Solar System" was held on this very day, July 9, 1981. (See SUPERNOVAE: a Survey of Current Research, M. Rees and R. Stoneham (eds.), D. Reidel 1982, p. 535). Fowler had been Clayton's thesis advisor (1957-61) at Caltech, and during 1967-72 Clayton met with Fowler in Cambridge each year. For a photo of Fowler and Clayton at this hut 14 years earlier, when the Institute was just beginning, see 1967 listings. Photo preceeding this one shows Arnett and Woosley with Clayton and Fowler at this hut.

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