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Till Kirsten speaks on the telephone on Sept. 1, 1981, in The Zaehringer Zimmer in Max Planck Inst. f. Kernphysik. Kirsten's desk abutted Clayton's (see Clayton at his facing desk on this archive). The photograph is of Josef Zaehringer, director of the Institue program in meteoritics and lunar studies until his sudden death in an auto accident. This room was named in his honor. Kirsten was at this time in the fourth year as director of the GALLEX solar neutrino project (see Dec. 1976 first-meeting photo on this web site). The sight of Kirsten on the telephone became very familiar, because GALLEX took a great deal of international negotiating, which Kirsten accomplished brilliantly. Clayton shared this office with Kirsten for seven years (1977-84) at Kirsten's invitation.

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