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Mike Howard (center) with his Rice Mafia cohort on his wedding day, Nov 27, 1982, in Livermore CA. From the left: Kem Hainebach, James Peters, Hal Goldwire, Mike Howard, Richard Ward, Stan Woosley and Donald Clayton. Each was a PhD student at Rice (with Clayton advising) during the period 1967-1976, save Jim Peters, who was a postdoc in Clayton's Rice group. PhD years were Goldwire (1967), Woosley (1971), Howard (1972), Hainebach (1973), Ward (1976). Mike Howard's house in Livermore (rear) was a frequent crash pad for Woosley and for Clayton, both of whom held consultantships at Livermore Lab--especially Woosley, who was developing his long fruitful collaboration with Tom Weaver. Photo by Nancy Clayton.

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