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Attendees in the Yerkes Observatory Library at the Conference "Nucleosynthesis: Challenges and New Developments" (Univ. Chicago Press, 1985, eds. W. D. Arnett and J. W. Truran). This Yerkes Observatory conference had just been unoffically renamed THE WILLIAM ALFRED FOWLER CONFERENCE ON NUCLEOSYNTHESIS. Fowler's telephone call of his selection for the 1983 Nobel Prize in physics had occurred just one day earlier, giving this conference a very festive air. Oct. 20, 1983. Fowler's new sweatshirt was created in one day bearing the logo "Nuclear Alchemist 1". Clayton and Craig Wheeler are at Fowler's left. Claus Rolfs and Bill Rodney sit behind Wheeler. Tom Weaver is behind Rolfs. Franz Kaeppeler and Dick Macklin, s process measurement gurus, sit two rows behind Clayton. Ken Nomoto and Wolfgang Hillebrandt sit at left ends of rows 2 and 3.

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