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Attendee group at Schloss Ringberg Workshop on nuclear astrophysics, May 20-24, 1985. This castle of the last Duke of Bavaria was donated to The Max Planck Gesellschaft for scientific assemblies. Donald Clayton (3rd from left) presented his paper "26Al in the interstellar medium". Among the many notables are: Front: John Cowan (2), Clayton (3), Friedl Thielemann (4), Ewald Mueller (5), Gordon Baym (6), Wolfgang Hillebrandt (8), Hans Peter Trautvetter (10), Klaus Rolfs (11), Karl-Ludwig Kratz (2nd from right), Hermann Beer (far right); and Rear: Icko Iben (3), Bruce Fryxell (5), Nikos Prantzos (7), Monica Tosi (10), Uli Ott (13), Francesca Matteuchi (14), Fred Begemann (2nd from right).

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