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Arnold Wolfendale and Donald Clayton examine data on gamma ray astronomy in Wolfendale's office in fall 1987, just months after the explosion of supernova 1987A. Clayton was at the time on his last sabbatical from Rice University, which he spent in the department of physics of Durham University under Wolfendale's sponsorship. Wolfendale later became Astronomer Royal. Clayton was Fellow of St. Mary's College during that academic year and resided with Nancy and Andrew in the College. It was in his St. Mary's College rooms that Clayton received the historic telephone call from Mark Leising on Dec. 8, 1987 that the SMM spectrometer had evidence of the 847keV gamma ray line from 56Co decay in SN 1987A (Nature, 331, 416 (1988)). Clayton had predicted that line in 1969 (with Colgate and Fishman; ApJ 155, 75 (1969)).

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