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The OSSE team at NRL. Front from left are Project Scientist Neil Johnson (who discovered the galactic positron annihilation line while a graduate student at Rice Univ with Haymes), Principal Investigator James Kurfess (who began his work in gamma astronomy while at Rice Univ as a Research Associate with Haymes), and Co-Investigators Donald Clayton (formerly at Rice Univ until his move to Clemson Univ in 1989) and Mel Ulmer (Northwestern). This team had a strong Rice University flavor, including Mark Leising (last row second from right), who obtained his PhD there with Clayton. OSSE is the Oriented Scintillation Spectrometer Experiment(OSSE) on Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, which was launched in April 1991. Leising was in process of moving from NRL (where he participated in gamma-ray-line discoveries with SMM Spectrometer: 56Co lines from SN1987A; 26Al flux from Milky Way) to Clemson University as a faculty member. Lih-Sin The (second row left end) was Research Associate at Clemson working on OSSE. This photo was probably in 1990 and was taken by NRL photographers at one of the many team meetings at NRL. See also the team theory-group photo at the same time and the 1993 OSSE Team photo at Northwestern.

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