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John Bahcall and W. A. Fowler at the "Caltech Centennial Nuclear Astrophysics Symposium in honor of Fowler's 80th Birthday", August 11-13, 1991. This emotional meeting was the last in Fowler's honor, as his health was failing. John Bahcall was one of the four (Bahcall, Donald Clayton, Icko Iben and Richard Sears) postdocs in the Stellar Interiors and Nucleosynthesis (SINS) group during 1961-63, the first organized team devoted to nuclear astrophysics. "SINS" was a typically Fowlerian pun. During those years Bahcall published the rate of 7Be electron capture at the solar center (Phys Rev 128, 1297), his first of many efforts on the solar neutrinos, and his first calculation (with Fowler, Iben and Sears) of neutrino fluxes from a model of the sun (ApJ 137, 344). Fowler's 1958 paper on energetic neutrinos from 8B in the sun (ApJ 127, 551) had stimulated these intense evaluations of the pp chains. Original photo by Stan Woosley, courtesy of John Bahcall.

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