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Gordon Research Conferences were initiated in the 90s as conferences for NASA's Origins of Solar Systems Program (which supported the 1990 first workshop on isotopic anomalies at Clemson). This group photo is July 1993 conference at Colby-Sawyer College, NH. Conference organizer John Wood sits center front. Sixth to fourth from right end are G. J. Wasserburg, A.G.W. Cameron and Carl Sagan. Clemson scientists are Donald Clayton (standing between Cameron and Sagan) and Brad Meyer (two right of Clayton). Typhoon Lee, codiscoverer of extinct 26Al stands between Clayton and Meyer. This Gordon Conference intentionally resumed the spirt of the 1960s series on Physics and Chemistry of Space at the Tilton School NH, which after the Apollo 11 sample return gave way to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conferences at Johnson Space Center.

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