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Group photo of the attendees at the 4th annual workshop on isotopic anomalies, held for the second time on the campus of Washington University, St. Louis, on Nov.18- 20, 1993. This workshop was the largest of the first four workshops on isotopic anomalies conducted jointly by Clemson University and Washington University. The scientific eminences in this photo are too numerous to list; but hosts are Ernst Zinner, Robert Walker (4th and 3rd from right end front) and Tom Bernatowicz (2nd from right 2nd row). Clemson scientists are Frank Timmes (2nd row center), Ning Luo, Liping Jin, Dieter Hartmann, Chris Sanderson, Brad Meyer (4,5,6,7,8th in 3rd row), Donald Clayton (3rd row center) and Tracy Krishnan (3rd row 2nd from right). Selected among notables are (1st row) Roberto Gallino, Icko Iben, G. J. Wasserburg, Edward Anders and Marcel Arnould; Mike Jura and Sachiko Amari (1st and 3rd in 3rd row); Andrew Davis and Roy Lewis (4th and 7th of top), F. Thielemann (center top right of Meyer), Guenter Lugmair (sunglasses 4th row center), and on opposing sides of the column at right are David Lambert and Alan Boss. This workshop was the first to which large numbers of astronomers were invited, and extended the meteorite work into that community.

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