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Clemson Workshop "The Radioactive Galaxy", March 20-22, 1996. On the south steps of Tilman Hall, Clemson University. Many key scientists in the astronomy of radioactivity are here (from left):
1st Row: Hernanz, Aprile, Arnett, Clayton, Chen, Khoklov.
2nd Row: Krishnan, Hartmann, Leising (right of Clayton), Ramaty.
3rd Row: Diehl (by Hartmann), Bazan, The, Blackmon.
4th Row: Champagne, Prantzos, Naya, Timmes (hat).
5th Row: Borkowski, Tueller, Chen, von Ballmoos, Oberlack, Chevalier.
6th Row: Milne, Sanderson, Hoefflich, Jin.
7th Row: Duvernois, Watanabe, Wiescher, Elmegreen.

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