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Brad Meyer, Donald Clayton, Dieter Hartmann and Lih-Sin The showing the Clemson colors at Schloss Ringberg on Sept. 31, 1999, for the Conference "Astronomy with Radioactivities". This workshop was organized by Roland Diehl for Max Planck Inst. f. Extraterrest. Phys. The goal was to examine all aspects of use of radioactivity in astronomy, with special emphasis on gamma-ray lines. Meyer's talk presented new aspects of supernova injection of extinct radioactivities into the forming solar system (pp. 213-218, where this photo also appears). Clayton spoke at that workshop on "Condensation of Radioactivities in Supernova Interiors" (pp. 175-180) and provided a conference summary paper "The Full Court Press" (pp. 289-294). Hartmann's paper was "Star formation histories and radioactivities" (pp. 249-260). The's paper summarized a goal of the OSSE program at Clemson: "Search for galactic supernovae in 44Ti" (pp. 77-84). These papers can be found in the Proceedings (eds. Diehl & Hartmann, MPI f.Extr.Phys.Report 274, ISSN 0178-0719 (1999)).

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