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Attendees at the 11th annual Isotopic Anomalies Workshop at Clemson University Carillon Garden on November 12, 2000. This date is almost to the day the 10th anniverasry of the first workshop in this series, which is sponsored jointly by Clemson University and Washington University. Conceived of by Robert Walker (left end), Ernst Zinner (2nd row yellow sweater) and Donald Clayton (right end), this series began at Clemson University in 1990 (see photos on this web site) and featured alternate annual assemblies in Clemson and in St. Louis. Its older traditions go back to the first workshop ever on the topic of isotopic anomalies at Gregynog, Wales, in 1976. That was also organized by Clayton and may also be found on this site. During the 1990s these ten annual workshops united laboratory data and astrophysical ideas to an unprecedented level, attested to by the book following the 1996 workshop "Astrophysical Implications of the Laboratory Study of Presolar Materials", eds. T. Bernatowicz and E. Zinner (AIP Conference Proceedings 402). Clayton and Meyer are the only Clemson personnel to have attended all ten, as did Zinner from Washington University. Chicago colleagues Lewis, Davis and Clayton also attended the first (1990) workshop. First row: Amari, Kitts, Kashiv, Gupta, Nichols, The, Davis, Denny, Clayton Second row: Walker, Messenger, Abdel-Hadi, Zinner, Nittler, Laver, Deneault, Davis, Pellin, Meyer. This photo is courtesy of Andrew Davis. Additional photos from this 1999 Workshop can be seen on the Washington University web site at

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