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Grant Mathews and Donald Clayton at the session "Nucleosynthesis and Dust Formation" at the January 2002 meeting of AAS in Washington D.C. Mathews' paper 110.01 on s process in metal-poor stars began that session. Clayton had established the quantitative theory of the s process four decades earlier (Annals of Physics 1961), and introduced in MNRAS 234, 1-36 (1988) the key idea about the contemporaneous growth of the s process (secondary, but showing primary behavior) in metal-poor stars during galactic evolution owing to the paucity of neutron poisons. Mathews' paper quantified that effect, showing that the s-process abundance curve changes its shape near [Fe/H] = -2, explaining the Pb-dominated metal-poor stars. See "1983 Mathews and Clayton" for an earlier photo of these two.

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