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G. J. Fishman and Donald Clayton hiking up a streambed near Huntsville AL on March 2, 2003. Clayton was visiting the new National Space Science and Technology Center in Huntsville, where Jerry Fishman is Director of Gamma Ray Astrophysics. On Monday March 3 Clayton delivered an invited Colloquium talk to the Center, "Evidence of an Explosive Origin of the Chemical Elements". These two are friends since Fishman's graduate school years 1965-69 at Rice University. Their paper "Gamma-Ray Lines from Young Supernova Remnants" (ApJ 155, 75 (1969)) was reprinted in the AAS Centennial Volume as one of the most influential papers in astronomy and astrophysics of the 20th century. Fishman achieved even greater fame as PI on the BATSE gamma-ray burst experiment on Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. It showed that the bursts lie at cosmological distances.

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